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Protect your clients, protect yourself

Files lost across dozens of emails, clients sending you the wrong versions, and you pulling your hair out. Collecting documents from clients is a major risk point for your business.

With privacy and data protection related fines and litigation becoming increasingly common, it is becoming more important than ever to take the handling of client files and data seriously.


Client Collect provides a structured approach to collecting client files and data. Not only do we keep your clients’ files protected, but we also make it much easier to keep everything organized into easy to follow requests that your clients respond to, and you can track easily too.

Client Portal

Client Collect gives you a simple portal for your clients to access in order to respond to your requests and upload their files as needed.

Progress Tracking

Easily track progress for each item you request. You can see what items have been provided, and what is outstanding. Best of all, your clients know what you still need from them.

Templated Requests

For common requests you can create templates to save tedious work, or even turn an existing request into a template for future use.

Automated Follow Ups

Automate follow up messages with your clients to gently remind them what you need to provide them with your service.

Security First

Client Collect was built with security and data protection in mind. All client data and files are encrypted in transit and at rest to ensure they are safe.

Team Collaboration

Invite your colleagues to join your team in order to collaborate on collecting important client information.

White Label Portal

Connect your own domain and add your company's logo to your portal.

Mobile Uploading

Your clients can create multi-page PDFs using their smartphones from your portal.

Audit Log

All activities by team members and clients are logged to assist with compliance and auditability.

Use Cases

Client Collect is well suited to a variety of industries and use cases where the safe, secure and prompt collection of client files is crucial to their business. Here are a few of the use cases where Client Collect shines.

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Mortgage Brokerage

Spend less time collecting client documentation, and more time sourcing new business

Insurance broker


Collect documents required by underwriters safely, and quickly.

Real estate image

Real Estate

Whether you are in sales or leasing, collecting client documentation is vital to closing deals.

HR image

Employee Onboarding

When hiring new employees we can help you collect important information quickly.

Accounting image


Whether you're collecting accounting documents from businesses, or individuals, we can streamline the process for you.

Due diligence image

Due Diligence

Any situation where you need to collect documentation and track the progress of which requirements have been satisfied is where Client Collect shines.

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